We went to Larkfest to appease Amelia and we heard this song play, it’s aiight. Nice classical btws.

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Why does Spotify always post things I decide to send people with embarrassing commentary? Oh that’s because I forget to switch to the “send to…” tab. -_- So here’s something I will actually share on the post board for everyone to see, pretty chill song :]

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Kishi Bashi the Japanese artist Larry would freak out over when we talked to him about it

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I wasn’t dancing to this at 1 am…in my room alone.



do you ever just want to go outside in the middle of the night and walk around and not actually do anything just observe and think and stuff

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omg I’m in tears

The fact that it was obviously more than one person that sent them pizza. I love some people

This is wonderful.

This makes me smile, ya know the little things where it’s like “score!”

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i forgot my earphones more like throw me off a building

story of my life part 2


damn this is such a good song let me play it 86 times an hour until I hate it

story of my life part 1



guys i just really want to share this with you


if you are looking for any music that you’d like just type a name of a band or a musican on the top-right search. then click on the black circle and choose “expand”. viola! now, you can continue doing this and find lots of music artists in your taste. thank you for the attention, and i hope you’ll find this post useful. 


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Comedies/Teenage Movies

Classics/Romance/Chick Flicks





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based on the glory that is this

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Drake and Josh shaped our generation like I’m 99.99% sure that this show is the reason I’m so sarcastic.






The Ocean Array Plan. Devised by 19yo Boyan Slat, this passive system, if installed, could clean up both The Great Pacific Garbage Patch & The North Atlantic Garbage Patch. Sort of like an anchored Roomba for the ocean…

Source: http://www.trueactivist.com/ingenious-19-year-old-develops-plan-to-clean-up-oceans-in-5-years/

"Although extensive feasibility studies are currently being conducted, it has been estimated that through the selling of plastic retrieved over the five years, the money would surpass the initial cost to execute the project. In other words, it may even be potentially profitable. Because the main deterrent to implement large scale cleanup projects is due to the financial cost, this solution could perhaps pave ways for future innovations of global cleanup to also be invented.”

This is huge.

I approve of this. Hopefully a system can be set up where all profits from this project go back into cleanup efforts


I’m nineteen and I’m wasting my life behind a computer screen on tumblr what the heck